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NYE Sparkle

I've never met a sequin I didn't like, and clearly there is no better time to bust out all the glitz then on New Year's Eve. I think it's pretty crazy to invest in something that you will only wear one night a year, so my favorite sequined items are ones that can be paired with your everyday basics to make any outfit feel a little more festive the other 364 days. 

A sequined maxi skirt with with a tee? Count me in. Pants or skirts with wool sweaters? Yep! Head to toe sequin paired with trainers? All day, every day! We can't forget my favorite look of all time, which has to be sequins paired with denim. Whether it's a pencil skirt worn with a faded denim shirt (my go-to look) or a blazer with jeans or cutoffs, as far as I am concerned there is no better way wear your favorite sequined items throughout the rest of the year.

Below I've rounded up a few of my favorite sparkly staples that can still be shipped to you in time for the ball drop. For those of you who, like me, plan to spend the night on the sofa snuggled up with the one you love, a little sequined nail polish is the prefect way to fend off that FOMO (fear of missing out) while getting the best gift of the year some JOMO (joy of missing out.) No hangover necessary. xx

1 // Romper $695 (30% off right now) 2 // Blazer $228 (40% off right now) 3 // Skirt (I have this one!) $50 4 // Dress $55 5 // Mini $118 (30% off right now) 6 // Dress $228 7 // Maxi Skirt $1450 8 // Tuxedo Pant $118 (30% off right now)

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