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The Sweater Dress


Baby it's cold outside!

Given that Christmas is just a few days away I guess we all shouldn't be surprised, but I have to say that this former Cali girl was really getting used to the mild temps this season. I almost felt like I was back home! Like all good things, I suppose that 70 degree days in December also have to come to an end, and now I'm back to pulling my winter gear from the back of my closet. Since it's the season of parties and school events I'm again living in my favorite winter look, a warm sweater dress + over the knee boots.

These two things go together perfectly, just like peanut butter + jelly and cookies + milk. The boots allow you to wear a dress that would look too short otherwise (or look too frumpy)  and the dress keeps the boots from looking a little too, how do I say it, lady of the night??? I wear this look pretty much everywhere and when my sister-in-law got her first pair of OTK boots you can bet I suggested she snag this dress (now on sale for $70) in every color! It's warm, its roomy and when paired with the boot it's sexy without being obvious. Here I'm wearing the dress exactly how I do in real life, at brunch with some of my very favorite people at one of my favorite restaurants. The best part? When you are in a billowy sweater dress you can eat (and drink!) just about as much as you want. Tight waistbands need not apply. xx

Dress (note: I cut the belt off) // Boots (similar here)  // Glasses // Lipstick // Nail Polish

Photography by Jaimie Baird of Jaimie Baird Photography (@JaimieBaird on Instagram) at one of my favorite NYC eateries Smith & Mills.

P.S. My adorable SIL's cape is the coveted Burberry one. For a similar (and more affordable version under $75!!!) check out this awesome one!

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