My Sister's Wedding: The Flowers

As I mentioned last week, I am so excited to start sharing with you all some of the photographs from my sister's summer wedding! I figured I'd start with the flowers because I cannot say enough amazing things about the florist we used, and for those of you in the Boston area still looking for centerpieces for those holiday parties or for floral gifts, run don't walk to the South End and meet with her. She's that good!

For the flowers our goal was really to keep things simple. We were on a tight budget and the estate that we were able to use (the home of a close family friend) was so incredibly BANANAS, really the goal was just to not distract from it's natural beauty.  Here is just a glimpse of the venue. As you can see we were VERY lucky that we were able to have the event here. (Like winning the lottery lucky).

I know, right???? It took everything in me focus on setting up the wedding and not just walk around the property all day with my jaw open.

Even though we didn't need over the top centerpieces, we were still in need of bouquets and floral crowns and both central to our vision of a romantic themed wedding (in my head I was channeling A Midsummer Night's Dream all throughout the planning). One day, while driving to the gym I was stuck in traffic for about an hour due to an accident and I just so happened to be sitting in front of The Vintage Garden in the South End. I loved the displays that they had in the window and after texting my sister we set up a meeting with Cristina, one of the owners.

We had an idea of the flowers that we wanted to use which included dahlias, garden roses, and anemones but beyond that we were more than happy to leave the design up to the florist. As I mentioned, we were on a tight budget and Cristina assured us that we would be able to get the crowns, bouquets, and simple centerpieces we desired, and we left feeling confident in our choice of florist. After that we had very little contact with the shop and it was only the day of when we picked everything up that I got to see the incredible work that they created. After I dried my tears, and hugged everyone (ten times), we packed up the car and face-timed my sister who was equally as elated as I to see our vision come to fruition.

Below you can see some of the gorgeous arrangements. (and my three beautiful sisters!!!)

There are a lot of things that I can do, and floral arranging will forever remain a mystery to me. This was the one part of the wedding planning that I felt was so over my head, and I can't tell you what a relief it was to have the flowers turn out so perfectly. Again, I can't say enough about the team at The Vintage Garden and I encourage all you locals to check them out! xx

Flowers by The Vintage Garden // Photography by Fidelio Photography