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No More Silence

I try not to get political in this space, but I would be remiss in letting December 14th pass without a mention of the Sandy Hook massacre. Every single day when I drop my kids off, watching them happily run into school in my rear view mirror, I can't help but think of the 20 beautiful children who were lost on that horrible day three years ago. Seeing their parents on the news year after year, their grief so palpable, those families truly carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and my heart absolutely breaks for them. I simply cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a child, and to do so in such a violent way is something that no parent should ever have to face.

The fact that NOTHING has been done to prevent another shooting like the one at Sandy Hook is so incomprehensible to me, and over the past few years it has really made me question whether this is a country that I want to raise my children in. I often feel that maybe I am just naive, but why is it that 85% of people believe in sensible gun control and yet we continue to let a lobby that only cares about profits make decisions for our entire nation. Why are they are winning??? I could almost understand the lack of progress on this issue if Sandy Hook was a one off event, but this happens EVERY DAY in America. So far there have been 353 MASS shootings in 347 days, a number I can't even begin to wrap my head around.

Why is it that we as citizens can't say enough is enough? Why are we letting people who have no regard for human life make decisions for us? I really just don't know how we got this screwed up as a nation. A large segment of Americans (wrongly) can turn against an entire religious population with numbers in the billions when there is an attack oversees, but when it comes to taking down a BUSINESS whose only goal is to get more guns in the hands of more people we all stay silent?

No more. Not for me and not for my family. Over the weekend Liam and I participated in a march organized by Moms Demand Action on the State House steps and I have to say it felt so GOOD to be able to scream that we will stand for gun violence no more. The group anticipated a few dozen participants and to everyone's surprise there were hundreds of men, women and children who turned out. Honestly, I can't understand why their weren't thousands. This is an issue that truly affects us all and I for one am tired of falling asleep every night trying to convince myself that no one would target my boy's school, that they are safe. We have the power to change this and shame on us if another group of innocent children die because we do nothing to stop it.

To that end, going forward I am a one issue voter. If you are willing to take on the gun lobby, you have my vote. Yes, I am passionate about other issues but this is one that actually involves life and death and from now on this is all that mattes to me. I'm also going to make a donation and get involved with the Sandy Hook Promise because if anyone has the passion and a reason to stop this epidemic, it has to be the people who have been hit the hardest by it. I found this piece from the Times to be so informative and powerful. There are answers, we have the tools to fight back and right now we have the momentum.  It's time for us all to join the fight because can take our country back and I am absolutely ready.

No more silence, it's time to end gun violence. xx

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