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Model Off Duty

Like most people, I have a love / hate relationship with Instagram. I love looking at pictures posted by friends and the various tastemakers I follow, and yet by the time I get to the end of my feed I'm always left feeling inadequate in one way or another.  Clearly I'm not alone in this, as friends of mine are often voicing the some complains, but sadly I just think this is a byproduct of the over-stylized virtual world we are all living in. 

During this election cycle I've decided to stay away from Facebook because I'm afraid I will have no "friends" anymore because I am the first to hit the de-friend button when someone shows their true colors, and Pinterest is almost dead to me since 90% of my feed is now "suggested posts." (Suggested by who????? Most of them are so opposite from my style or aesthetic I'm let wondering if the Pinterest algorithm is just put a bunch of crap out there and hope someone pins it by mistake.) I digress...

So, Instagram. Love it or hate it, it is my main source of inspiration (and angst) and every so often someone posts something that makes me fall in love with the app all over again. This week it was the lovely Carolne de Maigret who is so beautiful, so French, and over the weekend when she posted a photo of herself after voting my first thought was "BANGS!!!" why can't I have bangs???* followed by "that outfit tho." For me this look is the perfect holiday / winter / weekend vibe and never in my life have a wanted a buffalo check bomber jacket more. I get that we all can't be models, but this is one look that even us mortals can pull off. Below I've replicated her look at a reasonable price point and in this case it's all love... no hate. xx

vest // jeans // sweater // glasses

* The last time I mentioned getting bangs my husband's exact quote was "don't you even think of bringing bangs back into this house again." Who knew a haircut would be his deal breaker??? All I can say is I'm glad we discussed it before I went for the chop! ;)

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