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Buttoned Up

Every few months I find myself wanting to change up my daily uniform. This doesn't typically involve buying new items (although, I'm not gonna lie sometimes there are new additions) but more so it's me digging through my closet for something that I haven't worn in a while that will feel new. Clearly, this happens more in the Winter when I can't stomach the idea of wearing the same grey sweater another day, but I've been known to do the same thing in the warmer months and its typically when I tire of my usual denim shorts/ t-shirt combo. Like clockwork, last week I found myself wanting a new "look" and I dug from the back of my drawers my favorite baby blue button-up and threw it on with a pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers for school pick up. Well, that was about 9 days ago and I ever since I have pretty much been living in some version of that outfit.

I don't know why, but somehow I always tend to overlook the button-up for a sweater, tee, or silk shirt, and I'm definitely rethinking this right now. There is something about a great button up that is so classic and elegant but what really has me hooked this time around is just how sexy this traditional look can be when paired with jeans. I prefer my button-ups to be made of a fabric with a looser weave so it feels a little more casual and lately I've been going DOWN a button just so the slightest peek of my favorite lace bra can be seen. To me this look feels so mature, in all the best ways, and I'm wondering if maybe I was just too young to appreciate the beauty of the button up in my early years. I don't really tuck mine in, just a little in the front, and the only way to make the look better is to pile on the gold jewelry. When paired with skinny or boyfriend jeans, a pencil skirt, wide legged pants, or even your sportiest sweats the look is so polished and dare I say sexy.

Below I rounded up a few of my favorite buttons-ups. Given that it's the holiday season most of them are on sale right now. I've linked to casual and more traditional shirts because really that's the beauty of the button up- it's one of those items that can worn at the office and on the weekend. Really, it doesn't get any better than that. xx

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