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The Neutral Rug

Ever since I used this rug in a living room design for a client, I have a found myself drawn more and more to neutral, patterned rugs. I know this is somewhat shocking since I usual am more of a color girl (and yes, I still paired the rug with a navy, velvet sofa ;)) but there is something about the texture and warmth that a rug that is neutral in color brings to a room, even I cannot deny the beauty it instantly brings to a space. What I love most about a rug that is softer color is that it allows you to go a little more aggressive in the print (like python, leopard or antelope) without completely overwhelming a room. If you find one in a tone similar to your wood floors or carpet, you can keep the space from feeling cluttered because you eye isn't instantly drawn to it like it would be if it were a deeper or brighter color. 

I prefer a neutral rug to be made of wool or cowhide (always with a pattern), but lately I've also been experimenting with sisals and jute rugs in high traffic areas like hallways and under dining room tables. I've been thrilled to see how many are out there that incorporate some terrific patterns and textures, and most are at very gentle price points. I've found that if you stick with a rug that is neutral in color you can have multiples in a single space, or even layer a smaller rug on top of a larger. You really can bring so much to a space with a neutral rug and the best part is that if you decor changes, you know it will always go. 

Below I've rounded up some of my favorite spaces that have incorporated a neutral rug and pulled a few of my favorites that are currently available online. Like most things, these rugs are available at almost any price point and I'm starting to think that when it comes to a neutral rug, it really is the more the merrier. xx

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