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The ANNA Inspired Gift Guide

Being the queen of fashion isn't easy, but somehow Anna always manages to pull off her perfectly polished look effortlessly. Here are a few Anna inspired items that are sure to please the classic beauty on your list.

  1. We all know Anna is a fan of fur and loves a good stole. This faux fur version is the perfect way to dress up any outfit during these cold Winter months. Bonus: It's available in multiple colors!
  2. Vogue: The editor's eye, A stunning coffee table book draws on Vogue’s exceptional archive, focusing on the work of eight of the magazine’s legendary fashion editors and the end result is a breathtaking glimpse into the world of fashion.
  3. Manolo Mary Janes. Anna's beloved shoemaker in a timeless style. A splurge sure to take the breath away from any woman on you list.
  4. Anna's signature over-sized shades. I also love this more affordable pair.
  5. Anna doesn't go anywhere without a watch and I love this classic gold and leather one. Any girl would be thrilled to find this in her stocking!
  6. The movie The September Issue. Still one of the most gripping documentaries, this film gives a rare look behind the scenes at the inner workings of Vogue, and what it really takes to produce the famed September Issue.
  7. Anna loves her statement necklaces and this one (on sale right now!) would be prefect for dressing up any outfit from a basic t-shirt to a formal LBD (although we know Anna wouldn't dare be seen in all black ;))
  8. Anna's favorite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice and I love this collector's set of Jane Austen novels that would look fantastic on display in any part of the home. Perfect for breaking up and using in multiple places! Can I just say how much I appreciate a beautiful spine?
  9. Stella McCartney for Adidas leggings in Anna's favorite print; floral. Great for looking fashionable while sticking to those New Year's resolutions.
  10. Anna's favorite thing to do in her down time is play tennis, and these Stella McCartney tennis shoes are perfect for all the stylish athletes on your list!
  11. Since we all can't get daily blow outs a la Anna, a great dry shampoo from Dry Bar to ensure the life of your coiffed locks.

Any Anna fan would be thrilled to receive a sweatshirt or a tote featuring a hand drawn image of the queen! This is the last week to guarantee Christmas delivery, so make sure to get your orders in before December 7th to ensure "THE ANNA" makes it in time!

(Top image of Anna via Vogue's Instagram)

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