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Scenes From The Weekend


If there is one thing that the City of Boston always gets right, it is without question Halloween. This year was the perfect storm, as the weather was unseasonably warm and the holiday finally fell on a Saturday. We knew going in that we were probably in for the best Halloween yet and I'm happy to report that the day / night did not disappoint.

My husband and I got in to the spirit dressing as Minions while Gray went as ninja and Liam was Zdeno Chára from the Boston Bruins. My best friend and her family always have the best costumes and this year the couple went as Mario and Luigi while their daughters dressed as Princess Pea. They completely stole the show!

Like in years passed, we started our trick-or-treating in Back Bay after a party at my bestie's house. Stopping only to knock on all doors in the neighborhood, we eventually made our way to the famed Beacon Hill. More so than in previous years, the Hill was a mob scene and after about an hour we quickly made our way home. I can't even tell you how hard it was to keep track of the kiddos when they all look exactly the same! 

If you live in the area and have never explored downtown for the holiday, I cannot even begin to tell you how magical it is! Some older friends of Liam's joined us and I think they summed it up perfectly when they said it was like entering Disneyland! Hint: just get there early!!!!!!

Here are a few photos of the night that was for those of you who would like to see. It really was one that I won't soon forget. 

I'm happy to report that "THE JENNA" saved the day when Liam's candy bag literally burst at the seems. Sometimes it pays to have a mom that always has an extra tote (or 20!!!) on hand. 

Now, the only question is what are we going to do with ALL this candy? Seriously, I've eaten about two lbs since Saturday and I'm doing all I can not to sample some for breakfast right now. I've decided that 8 "fun size" candy bars equal 1 "regular" sized one. That math seems right, doesn't it? ;) xx

On Overalls

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