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Location, Location, Location.


When speaking with friends, we often talk about what is more important to us, the location of your house OR the house itself. Since our boys go to school in a nearby suburb we are often faced with the type of house we could afford if we were willing to move outside the city. We could have a yard, a lot more square footage, storage, a shorter commute, and the dream of all dreams... a basement/ playroom for the boys (and their stuff!!!) As desirable as this sounds, (and believe me it is desirable), we always circle back to the fact that we love living in our eclectic neighborhood and proximity to the city will always be the number one thing on our real estate wish list. This means that we will probably stay in our 1700 sq ft home until the boys graduate, and you know what? We are totally okay with that. Sure, I may change my tune when there are three grown MEN living in this space (something I find impossible to visualize right now) but for now I really can't imagine living any where else. 

This is why I got so excited when my girlfriend emailed me this article that first appeared in the Times Style Magazine last week. It's about a glamorous trailer park in the middle of Malibu that just so happens to be on located near one of the country's most beautiful beaches, Paradise Cove (you may remember it from the recent Charlie's Angels movie.) Here, people trade square footage and modern amenities for location and view, something I completely relate to.

Besides the fact that this community is what my bohemian dreams are made of, I love how these homes show once again that you don't have to have an expensive or a brand new home to create a beautiful space (given their location these trailers aren't cheap, but at their core they are still mobile homes.) I can hardly believe it myself, but these stunning spaces were once traditional trailers and it just goes to show what some paint, a little wallpaper and a good eye can do to transform a space. I would certainly love to live an any of these trailers (probably in the future and without my wild children!) but you can truly see why you would walk in to this small community and never want to leave. 

Since we all can't love in such an idyllic community, here are a few ways to bring the look in to your own space.  Obviously these pieces appeal to my California cool design aesthetic, but I could easily see them in a cabin, an East Coast beach house, and of course in a city apartment! Oh, and if any one wants to go in on a trailer in Malibu... you know where to find me! xx

1 // Ben Moore Black Beauty Paint // 2 // Pillow Cover // 3 // Pillow Cover // 4 // Leather Chair // 5 // Mirror // 6 // Pillow Cover // 7 // Pillow Cover // 8 // Rug // 9 // Settee // 10// Coffee Table // 11 // Farrow and Ball Hague Blue Paint

Photos via New York Times Style Magazine. You can read the full article here

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