Do You Have A Signature Scent?

Do you all have a signature scent or do you use a variety of perfumes? 

Ever since I was a teenager I have been wearing Allure by Chanel and I've declared it to be my signature scent. Most people actually know me by it. Funny story- a friend of mine was in labor and when a nurse entered the room wearing my perfume she said she could have sworn it was me and luckily found it comforting! 

I have to say that after 20+ years, I'm starting to think it might be time to try out a new scent. While I still love the smell of Allure, my poor husband has gone from love to hate since the smell is often left lingering in our bathroom. When I was in NYC a few weeks back I borrowed a spray of my friend's Diptyque perfume and I loved it! It made me realize that I might be ready to try something new. 

The question, of course, is what scent? There are so many out there and I always find myself (and my allergies) completely overwhelmed at the perfume counter. I'm thinking it may be best to take a few samples home and try them out over the next few weeks. I am such a creature of habit, I have to say I am a little intimidated by switching up any part of my usual routine! 

I was looking around the internet at various perfumes and I found this site which lists the signature scents of famous men and women. I've highlighted a few of my favorite influencers below as a great place to start. I'd also love to know if there is any perfume you all swear by? Since the new year is just a few weeks away, I can't think of a better gift to find in my stocking. New year, new scent!

I guess I'll just have to get used to people seeing me before they smell me and for some reason I feel like this may be a good thing! xx

Christy Turlington ~ Eternity, Sundari Oils

Drew Barrymore ~ Petite Cherie

India Hicks ~ Bespoke perfume from Creative Scentualization


Olivia Palermo ~ Guerlain Idylle

Robin Wright ~ I am fragrance