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Je Suis Parisienne

Like the rest of the world I am absolutely devastated for the city of Paris. To see innocent civilians being targeted in a city that has so much light and beauty is absolutely heartbreaking. Given the attacks in Beirut and Baghdad just days before, and the one that brought down that Russian Airplane prior to that, I'm left feeling vulnerable, afraid and sad. I look at my kids and I am just so scared for them. Growing up it never would have crossed my mind that an armed gunman would enter a public place and take the lives of innocents that he never met. Now, horrors like this are a weekly occurrence and when done on a national level it seems that the only answer is more bloodshed. That may be the solution or it may lead to more attacks, who am I to say. I just want to again live in a world where I can be sure that this will never happen to my children during their lifetime. I hate knowing that the reality is that there are no longer any guarantees. 

After spending the weekend glued to the coverage when the kids were out of the room, I'm having a hard time jumping back in to the usual light hearted fodder that typically graces this blog. After having lived through the bombing in Boston a few years back I know that the best way to stand up to the face of evil is to move forward. Life HAS to go on. We all have to go back to Paris, eat outside at the cafes, go to concerts, and watch games in the stadiums. I thought I'd share our itinerary from our trip to Paris a few years back. It was one of the most magical weeks of my life and my sister and I have been talking about taking Liam in the Spring in an attempt to recreate that enchantment. Am I more afraid now to take my son to Paris than I was last week? Absolutely. However, what scares me more is that he would miss out on experiencing a place that defines what life it all about. Art, music, food, fashion, love, picturesque beauty. These are the things that make life worth living, and these are the things that still remain. We pray for those in Paris today, but also for those suffering all around the world. We pray for peace.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace - Jimi Hendrix. xx

Peace for Paris painting by @jean_jullien

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