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The Big, Bad Buffalo Check Roundup

buffalo 2.jpg

In New England, nothing says that holidays have arrived like a strong dose of buffalo check. This timeless print is one that I never grow tired of, and the best part is that it works for every member of the family AND is perfect for the home as well. This year I feel like buffalo check is showing up everywhere and I for one am loving it!!! Today, I've rounded up a few of my favorite items carrying the print, as well as some inspiration images for the home and the house. 

  1. Blanket, $120.00
  2. Socks, $8.50
  3. Girl's Popover, $58.00
  4. Men's Tie, $69.50
  5. Boy's Flannel, $52.50
  6. Poncho, $295.00
  7. Scarf, $65.00
  8. Shoes, $44.95
  9. Flask, $15.00
  10. Blanket, $22.50
  11. Stocking, $34.00
  12. Slippers, $39.50

I couldn't help myself from purchasing that scarf from J. Crew at the Jenna event, and I'm not kidding when I say that I wear it every day (it's actually super soft, warm, and long) and  I repeatedly am asked where I got it from. I'm craving that blanket for those cold winter nights, and what could be cuter than the boys in some buffalo check slippers on Christmas morning?

 Long live the buffalo check print! xx

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