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Eskayel Wallpaper & Fabric

While in New York, I stayed at my girlfriend's stunning TriBeCa apartment and instantly fell head over heels in love with a wallpaper that she recently installed in her master bedroom. To say that I've never seen anything like it is an understatement and luckily she quickly introduced me to the world that is Eskayel. Let me tell you, the second we decide that our home is the one that we are going to be in for at least the next decade, you can bet I'll be covering a few walls in some of these incredible prints. When I say "a few" just know that In my dream world I really mean ALL the walls, just so we are clear. 

GORGEOUS, right?1?!? I love how soft the prints are and the drama that the watercolor could add to any room. After devouring their site I dangerously learned that most the patterns also come in fabrics, and that they also offer a slew of products for the home, including furniture!. To say that one could do some serious damage there doesn't even do it justice. 

I'm already buzzing about doing the wall behind our TV. Obviously the hardest decision would be which print to use! All are so incredibly beautiful that for or now let's just file this under to be continued. Until then a girl can dream... tie-died, magical, watercolored dreams. xx

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