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New Music

Like everyone else on the planet I have been playing Adele's new song on repeat (hhhhhhheeeeeeellllooooooooooooooo) and much to the delight of my children (and their poor ears) I found myself looking for some new music a few weeks back. I won't bore you with all the details, but I'm back to spending most of my day in the car again. (Okay, a few details... Gray switched to an earlier day at school and a week later I learned my carpool was moving.. talk about a one, two punch!)*

So, music. Music has been my salvation. Last year, I found myself super engrossed in talk radio and podcasts, but with all the nonsense about the upcoming election and not really finding anything to replace Serial, I seriously was dying for something to get lost in during one of my many trips to / from school. While driving one day I heard the song Caroline and immediately had to find out who the artist was. I was shocked when I discovered it was by Jon Foreman from the band Switchfoot. I have loved Switchfoot pretty much my entire life given that the Foreman brothers went to my high school, and growing up they played at anything and everything trying to get their music out there. Somehow I missed that Jon had released a solo project and it's concept is so cool, ever since I've downloaded the collection I really haven't listened to anything else.

The idea is that there are 4 lp's with a total of 24 songs, one for each hour of the day. Foreman describes the project as, "trying to explore the physical space of music. I wanted to create a place that would exist only when you press play; a place of light and shadows, tension and release, things that you know and things that you don’t know. It’s incredible that you can create a mood, almost a structure of feeling. All 24 songs will correspond with different moods of the day."

 Like most parents out there I feel like I squeeze a 24 hour day into 4 hours, so it should come as no surprise that I do the same with this album. When I'm listening to it I feel as though I could almost be driving down the coast with the windows down, or on road up north looking at the foliage. Dare I say it almost makes traffic bearable? Seriously, it really does take me to another place and if you are on the hunt for some new music, I cannot recommend The Wonderlands enough.

Speaking of music, it's not just in the car where I'm getting my acoustic fix. Two of my three boys have picked up instruments over the last few weeks, the guitar for Liam and the ukulele for my husband. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be folding laundry downstairs and hear my loves playing and singing together (how did I not know my husband could sing???). It makes our home feel so alive and I hope it's something that continues forever. 

Is there any new music you all are loving? I've got a lot of listening time on my hands these days so I am all ears (haha, no pun intended ;)) xx

*Remember when I wrote this post screaming from the rooftops about how happy I was to not to be spending another year sitting in traffic? Well, this is why you keep your big mouth shut, because sometimes the universe has other plans and then you find yourself driving to and from school three glorious times a day. I guess there's always next year... 


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