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Anna's World: The Interiors

We all know that Anna is the queen of fashion, and it's no surprise that this style maven has impeccable taste when it comes to the interiors she surrounds herself with. The team at Carrier and Company are responsible for the beautiful, ladylike, elegant and sophisticated spaces that she inhabits, and while the feel is more traditional then what I am typically drawn to, one cannot deny how breathtaking her office and vacation homes are. It's like if the English Countryside met Scandinavian Minimalism and they had a baby that loved only unique, vintage and eclectic pieces.  Her living spaces look perfectly lived in and appear to be warm and welcoming. It's clear from the things that she has surrounded herself with that she has traveled all over the world, and I can only imagine the stories that exist behind most of the pieces in her homes.  

Anna's office, which was famously featured in The September Issue, is soft, polished, and warm. Funny, because I can only imagine how nervous people are when they are walking over that threshold. Clearly, the goal of the design is to help set those at ease, but having sat in those chairs you have no choice but to sit upright! Not that anyone would dare slouch in front of "the queen!" ;)

The spaces where she spends her weekends and holidays are really the star. I found each image to be more beautiful than the next, and I'm left wanting to crawl in to the picture to read a book in every room and never leave. The soothing florals and pattern play have to be my favorite part of the design scheme and I love how each room is unique, but has the same feel as the next. 

After a busy week in the city I can't think of a better refuge than a home like this! So perfectly done, I can only dream of what it would be like to spend a snowy weekend here, lounging by the fire. It is good to be the queen! xx

P.S. Speaking of Anna, for those of you who are just starting your holiday shopping, "THE ANNA" is now available on a tote or a sweatshirt! All orders received before December 1 will be guaranteed for Christmas delivery! 

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