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An Affordable Wallpaper Alternative

A few years back I hand stamped the entry to our home and the boys' bathroom with my famed bumblebee stamp and right now I am itching to do another room using this easy and affordable method. I have what I think is a fantastic idea and luckily my sister has graciously offered up her all white guest room as my guinea pig. That is the fantastic thing about using a stamp in lieu of wallpaper, other than the stamp, the ink itself and your time, there is almost no investment so there is really no commitment. If you mess up or tire of the look all it takes is a single coat of paint and your space is back to exactly where you started. 

I was able to do the two rooms above in the span of a "toddler nap" using only a 12" ruler and a laser leveler. I simply put small dots using a pencil where the middle of the stamp should be and as soon as my grid was up I went to work eyeballing where the center of the stamp should land. It's helpful to stamp a piece of paper multiple times beforehand so you get the idea of how much pressure you need, but honestly this project was easy enough that I would almost let my 8 year old take it on. Almost. Are all the stamps perfect? No. I started high and in a corner that wouldn't be seen as much, and once I got the hang of it I moved to the more visible areas of the room. I think the key is to pick a stamp and a color that looks as good if it comes out slightly imperfect as it would if it were perfect. Animals, shapes, and foliage seem to be the best bet. I purchased our stamp from The English Stamp Company, but there are a number of retailers on Etsy that sell almost every image you can imagine. You can even custom make your own by simply uploading an image which is what I'm doing for my sister's house. 

I think this look is great for nursery and kid's rooms, in bathrooms, entryways and makes for a great accent wall. I pulled a few of my favorite homes which used stamps instead of wallpaper and as you can see the options are endless!

You know I'll be sharing pictures of my sister's room once it's done and if any of you decide to stamp a room in your own home I'd love to see what you come up with! Please share! xx

Top photo of our home by Sarah Winchester (Instagram @sarah_w_studios), other photo credits in order (note: some of these include great tutorials): Desiwonderwoman, Spearmint Baby, A Beautiful Mess, Ruffles and Stuff, A Beautiful Mess, Popsugar, Efortless Style (my initial inspiration!) 

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