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THE Look For Fall


If I had to choose ONE look that I want to emulate for the rest of fall and winter, that look would without question be a midi (or below the knee skirt) paired with my one fall splurge, the over the knee boot. This look is so incredibly chic and unlike most trends, this one is actually practical in that it keeps you warm. Imagine that, high fashion that is actually functional!  

I have to say that as much as I love a pair of over the knee boots with a skirt that is slightly shorter, there is something so elegant about pairing them with one that is longer in length. The look emulates the silhouette of wearing opaque tights but adds an element of luxury that I just can't get enough of. Also, let's be honest, this look is great for those of us who are pushing 40 (ahem) who might not want the entire world to envision Pretty Woman when you are seen walking down the street. 

A line, pleated, pencil, tulip, a dress, you name it... so long as the length of the skirt covers the boot, it makes the outfit work. It's amazing what life OTK boots can breathe in to your current wardrobe. Ever since my boots arrived I've been pulling a number of items from the back of the closet, and they feel brand new when worn with such a statement shoe. 

Below I've pulled together a few of my favorite inspiration images below, along with my favorite flat OTK boots and midi skirts. I'd love to know what you all think of this look? Clearly I'm a fan! xx


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