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About Last Night...

I feel there are very few times that you get to live out your dreams as an adult, so you can imagine how thrilled I am that all of mine came true last night when I got to meet Jenna Lyons!!! As many of you know I have admired Jenna for many years. She embodies everything that I respect in a strong, modern women, and it was so incredible to be able to meet the inspiration for my very first #BOSSLADIES tote face to face. I could gush on and on about how gorgeous, down to earth, friendly, fun and dynamic she is but I think I should let the pictures do the talking…

This all came about at a private event hosted by our local J. Crew. The event itself absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way and in between glasses of champagne and trips to the photo booth, we were able to meet and hear from the one and only Jenna. With my best friend accompanying me as my date (who truly is the best wing woman ever) I  had one of the best and most memorable nights of my life. It is rare to meet someone who actually lives up to all the hype, but I'm telling you Jenna absolutely  is in a category of her own. 

My bucket list just got a lot smaller and I'm sure in a few days I will actually start believe that last night actually happened and that it wasn't just a dream. xx

Scenes From The Weekend

"THE ANNA" + Sweatshirts!