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"THE ANNA" + Sweatshirts!

"THE ANNA" is officially here! The next in our #BOSSLADIES series, we pay homage to the reigning queen of fashion Anna Wintour who is know around the world as one of the most powerful figures in the industry. Her word is often the final word and her approval has been known to make or break a collection. As the editor of American Vogue, Anna is the #BOSS and given her strong personality and innate fashion sense, we couldn't think of a better woman to join "THE JENNA" and the "RBG."

For the design, we commissioned our fabulous graphic from Julie from Posh + Prep and we think she perfectly captured the essence of the queen. Available on either a tote or sweatshirt, "THE ANNA" is now available for purchase in the shop and like the other #BOSSLADIES in our collection she's a limited edition, so make sure to get her before she's gone! 

Because that's not enough, I'm so excited to also announce that we are also offering all of our #BOSSLADIES on a sweatshirt! The sweatshirts, which were produced with the environment in mind using eco-friendly dyes, are available for $65 and ship within the United States for free. They are available in 4 sizes and all orders received on or before Novemeber, 23 will be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. They too are limited editions and I have a feeling they will sell out fast!

I hope you like the newest member to our family as much as we do!!!  All hail! xx

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