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Our Home Office: The Plan

After putting it off for years, the time has come for my husband to have a office in our home. I've wanted a home office for some time now, but the hesitation has always been 1) a lack of space and 2) the computer that my husband uses is just about as unattractive as one could imagine. Now that the kids are bigger and can be entertained quietly for longer periods of time, it just makes sense to move this space from his office to our bedroom.  This means that Daddy will be home more (win!) and I finally get my home office. 

Above is how our bedroom looks now. The desk will be to the right, which currently houses a  floor length mirror. I want something light that will go with our existing decor but also something that I would want to keep in a separate room down the road (I'm envisioning a wave wallpaper behind.) Right now we have the print and the cowhide rug, so I'm just in need of a desk, a chair, and a few styling accessories. 

The crew is coming with the computer this weekend so I don't have much time! Here is what I'm thinking I will do with the space along with sources. I think it's going to look really good with our existing furniture and hopefully won't make our space look too much like an office. After all, we will be sleeping just a few feet away! I'll be sure to post "after" pics as this is one project that is going to move quickly! xx

desk // chair // rug // throw // pillow // Hugh Holland print // lamp

(Photo of our bedroom by Sarah Winchester)

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