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Favorite Nail Polish Colors

As a recovered nail bitter who is prone to relapse, getting a manicure is not only an incredible luxury but also somewhat of a necessity. Having my nails polished and shaped keeps me from nibbling on them all day long and considering that I am usually makeup free, it definitely helps me feel a little more pulled together. I find that I am always drawn to the same shades time after time and typically go with natural, black, or a jewel tone. I've rounded up my go-to shades in an attempt to make the whole "pick your color"  thing slightly less daunting. I use the brand Essie, primarily because that is what most salons around here carry and the price is low enough that I keep a few bottles at home and don't fret about them going bad as nail polish tends to do. 

Material Girl is my new favorite color and actually what I'm wearing right now! It's not too dark and has a slightly reddish tint to it. Great for everyday wear, it's office appropriate but also glam enough for a date night.

About a year or two ago, I pretty much only wore navy on my nails. It's so fresh and cool and really the only reason I don't wear it any more is because I burned myself out on it. I swear I tried them all, and After School Boy Blazer is the one I came back to time and time again. 

My favorite color for over a decade, Ador-A- Ball is a great soft pink that isn't too pink. It is sheer but still provides good coverage and I find I don't notice my lower nail growth with this shade as much as I do with others. 

Red, a color great in theory, but it's sometimes hard to find the right one in reality. 5th Avenue is a true red with very slight hint of orange. It looks bright and crisp on, and is what I often sport in the dead of winter for a little color on those grey days. 

Last year I became obsessed with emerald nail polish and is still my favorite again this year. It feels very "of the moment," and I am always getting compliments on my polish when I'm sporting this shade. Stylenomics is dark, but not too dark so it doesn't read black. Absolutely the best been hue I've found. 

I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of black nails. Last summer it is all I wore on my toes, and I have to say I loved the way it looked with leather sandals, Birkenstocks, white jeans and cutoffs. Licorice is my go to, and I have to say if you are scared of going over to the dark side... don't be! I find it to be incredibly chic!!!

Do you all have any favorite colors? Are you the type of person that just picks a color that looks good, spur of the moment or are you like me where you turn over all the labels looking for your go-to? Do tell! xx

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