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Style Crush: The Intern

Over the weekend, my sister and I went to see the movie The Intern, and like all movies by Nancy Meyers (It's Complicated, Something's Got To Give) the set and styling were absolute perfection, leaving me serious interior and wardrobe envy. 

What I love most about the home of the main character Jules, played by Anne Hathaway (who by the way has totally redeemed herself in my eyes bringing her back to her Devil Wears Prada days) is how "now" it is. It's clear the set was designed based on what's trending on Pinterest and it really felt like the dream home of someone who lived there, that we would all droll over on in the pages of Domino, Rue or Lonny. The whole space, including the modern office felt so authentic and even though the story was adorable (a must see!) I left dreaming of Brooklyn brownstones and subway tile. I can tell you if I ever have an office space THIS set exactly what I would want it to look/ feel like as well. Seriously, it's all SO good. 

Behold the magic of The Intern. Every room is better than the next, I would move in today if given the chance!


Of course, one who lives and works in such beautiful spaces (and runs a fashion empire) obviously would have to have a killer wardrobe. While most of Hathaway's looks were a little preppier than I tend to dress, I still found myself loving her polished perfection and think there is an incredible amount of inspiration for dressing in the modern workplace found in the flick. 

Have any of you seen the movie? Did you love it as much as I did. I told my sister my only complaint was that it wasn't 4 hours longer! Also, can Robert De Nero's character please be my husband / father / grandfather in my next life??? He really stole the show and I can only hope he takes on more roles that show his softer side. He's a natural!!!

I feel like it has been so long since there has been such a visually inspiring movie realeased that also has such a great story. Meyers can never retires because I don't know what we all would do without these beautiful movies that feature such strong female leads!!! More of this please!!!! xx

(Interior photos via My Domaine)

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