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Most Wanted: The Slouchy Pant

It turns out that I have quickly adapted to the colder temps this year (which is a good thing considering that it is freezing outside right now) but the one thing I can't seem to get myself back in to this season are my skinny jeans.

Don't get me wrong, I still think they are pretty much the most flattering piece of clothing for almost all body types, but for some reason when I put them on every morning I feel SO uncomfortable, and much more so than in previous years (no I haven't gained weight which was my first thought too.) I'm pretty sure that my newfound distaste is mostly due to the fact that I lived in baggy dresses, midi skirts and cutoffs all summer long and ever since it's been boyfriend jeans and a slouchy pair of cargos all day, every day. When I say every day, I really mean every... single... day.

This is great for everyday casual and weekend wear, but for school events and client meetings I sometimes want something a little dressier and ever since I saw this photograph by the Sartoralist (of course, she's perfect and French) I am obsessed with finding a great slouchy pant in wool. Luckily, I'm not the only one loving this look and I was able to find a few retailers that are selling them at great price points. I think this look is so incredibly chic, and I love the idea of wearing these type of pants (are they gaucho or culottes??) with flats just as much as I do heels. I would have NEVER thought to pair them with oxfords AND socks, but you know I'm all over that now that I've seen it can be done. 

Right now I'm leaning towards the #2 option below from J.Crew (they also come in black!) but really I'd be happy with anything that that gives my stems a little breathing room and allows me to look even a smidgen like that beauty pictured above! For those of you who are as obsessed as this look as I am, here are a few of my favorite slouchy pants. xx

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