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Le Chop

Is it possible to fall head over heels in love with a haircut? I wasn't so sure myself until I saw the  November issue of Bazaar Australia which features the stunning Lara Worthington on the cover. All it took was one glance and I knew that it was love at first sight between that haircut and I. It feels so fresh, so new, and now I can't get the idea of chopping my already short locks out of my head. I know I said I was perfectly happy with my bleached lob (long bob) but now I'm finding myself lusting (obsessing?) after this shorter chop and as luck would have it I already have an appointment with my hairdresser scheduled for next week.

Hmmmmm what is a girl to do?

Here's the thing, I had chin length hair before, al la Katie Holmes, right after Liam was born and I hated it. Hated with a capitol H. The problem is I'm not sure if it was the length I hated or the fact that I cut my hair when I was a week postpartum and 20lbs heavier. Looking back I'm going to say it was probably quite a bit of the latter. That bob was what inspired me to grow my hair for the 5 years following, but now that I've been living with an above the shoulder do' for the past few years, I'm thinking it won't be that dramatic anyway. Well, I at least hope so.

You all know me well and you know once I get an idea in my head that it's hard for me to let it go. I spent most of Liam's weekend skate session stalking Lara's Instagram and I don't see how I can't go for it. I'm thinking I might want my chop to be a touch longer, but I have to admit that just the idea of this haircut is inspiring me to think crazy things. Things like maybe with it I could be a hat person? Or only wear my silk blouses, versus my well lived in t-shirts. Maybe if I cut my hair I could also find the answer for world peace? Solve the nation's most pressing issues. Feed the hungry?

See, these are the thoughts that one can think when considering a chop. In reality, I'm pretty sure all that will happen is that my already short hair will be shorter, but hey if it looks anything like these images below, I'll be one happy girl. 

I still have a week to change my mind, but until then I'm going to carve our initials in the tree outside. Hire an airplane to declare my love to le chop in the sky, and dream of all the things that one can accomplish with such a beautiful cut. In reality, I'm gong to pack the kids up and hit the gym and then take them to a trampoline park since everyone is off for the holiday.

See- it's the haircut, this kind of love can make you want to do crazy things! xx

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