On My Radar: Summer Collection by Reformation

Every few years I find myself getting "hot" for a brand...

In college it was Banana Republic (where my addiction was aided by my working in store) then in Law School and beyond I was J. Crew all day, every day (because Jenna.) Then I dabbled in C&C California followed by Theory, and a few years back I was all about Rag & Bone and more recently Madewell. Should I even mention my 6 month love affair with Juicy (specifically Juicy sweatpants?) Nah, some things are better left unsaid, right? ;) The point is, for me discovering a new brand I love is kind of like finding best friend. I just want to be with them all the time, and I'm always checking in to see what they are up to.

Right now, for me that brand is Reformation.

While they do have a few brick and mortar stores, it's their online shop has become my go-to when I'm looking for something new and feminine to add to my wardrobe. I can't help myself and am often sneaking a peek at the "new" section on their site, which can sometimes be very dangerous (you've been warned!) I bought a few pieces from this brand last year, and the've definitely achieved a "well loved" status in a short period of time. What I love most about their dresses, admittedly I haven't tried  any other pieces in their collections, is how incredibly sexy they are without being over the top. Each piece is completely wearable, but a little plunging neckline here, or a flash of bare skin there is what makes each piece so special. Maybe a little too special. My one complaint is that many of their new (and best) items sell out so quickly, and I'm always giving a little plea to my screen for them to just make more!!! Given that everything is at a pretty reasonable price point, made to be earth friendly, and timeless, I guess it makes sense that everyone in the universe seems to always buy out what I'm lusting after, and thankfully they bring out new styles pretty often. (But still, make more!!!)

Yesterday, I dived deep into their summer collection, and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I want pretty much everything.  For good or bed a few of my favorites were sold out (whew) but I didn't walk away completely empty handed. For me this easy breezy collection is what summer was made for, and I've rounded up a few of my favorites below. I can picture myself sitting on a patio in the city, drinking a cool glass of rose' in just about any of them, and you can bet that's the first thing on my agenda new week!

Taza Skirt
Hadley Dress
Gisela Dress
Miramar Dress
Hadley Dress
Cali Dress