Forever Obsessed: Palm Leaf Print

Perhaps it's because I've been living in an actual jungle the past three weeks, or because I will always have a place in my heart for what I like to refer to as "Golden Girls chic," but whatever the case I have a palm leaf print obsession that just won't quit and every few months I find myself dreaming of wallpapering a room in my house in the iconic print.

Next house, next house, next house...

I know, for some it's a lot of print, but for me thats what really does the trick. It's just so over the top that it always works and to this day one of my favorite, and most worn purchases, is a palm leaf blazer that I purchased a few years back. It just adds so much whimsy, and fun (!!!) to every single outfit that I can't stop, won't stop wearing it every chance I get.

Over the past few months I've designed two separate sunrooms for clients and with both I found a way to sneak this print in. The first with pillows, and the second with drapery. The thing that I've found is that you don't really need to wallpaper your entire space with this print to make a statement (a la the Beverly Hills hotel) because a little splash can go a long way, and the crisp green will always look timeless when paired with white, black or navy. For obvious reasons this works for any space with a tropical climate, but I have to say, on a cold winter day in Boston, walking into a bathroom covered with palm leaves sure would go a long way in making summer feel not so far away.

Whether you dream of a home covered in palms (me, me!!!) or just want a little whimsy in your space, here are a few of my favorite interiors that show just how amazing this print can be. Oh, and how could I not throw in that skirt that Blair featured? For someone who loves a good palm print, you know I've been drooling over that one! (I found a similar version here)

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pillow // bathing suit (similar here) // iPhone case // wallpaper (the original from the BH hotel) // chair // art print // pillow // banana leaf wallpaper (on sale!)