8 Easy Summer Looks... With Sources!

dress // shoe // clutch
Ahhhhhhh Summer... the season of bare legs, tanned arms, and easy throw on pieces. For me, when it comes to keeping stylish and cool during these warmer months the key is to have a few go-to outfits that are casual and comfortable, but also a little tailored (dare I say sexy?) Below I've rounded up 8 of my favorite looks for the season and found similar pieces that are for the most part affordable and accessible. The best part is that when you shop mid-season, almost everything is already on sale as retailers are already making room for their cool weather clothing. (shudder) I know people say the cooler months are the real season for stylish dressing, but I absolutely disagree. 

Summer, you will always have my heart. 

shirt // skirt more affordable version here // bag

jacket // shirt // pant // shoe (I'm not a white pump girl) 

shirt // pant or these or these// tote // shoe

tote // jean // tee // shoe

shirt // jean // sandal // bag

pant // shirt // sweater // shoe

shirt // hat // pants // shoe