The End of an Era + 7 Going on 17

It's the end of an era! Today marks the last day at our beloved nursery school and while I'm thrilled at the idea of one drop off and one pick up, I'm just heartbroken to think we will never again walk through these doors. In the last few years I've developed some serious anxiety when it comes to saying goodbye and after a sleepless night last night I am currently preparing myself for those last hugs and trying to not ugly cry like I did through my entire wedding. 

We chose a play based model for the boys' early years and it has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. The LM easily transitioned into a more academically rigorous curriculum despite spending his pre-k time in more relaxed environment, and it's the lessons about friendship and love that he learned in these walls that I know will stay with him forever.  Gray only had two short years in this beautiful space, but watching him grow more confident in himself has been such an incredible gift and I am forever indebted to the teachers and staff who greeted our boys with a hug and a smile every day of the year. (Even in 6 feet of snow!)

Speaking of school, as of noon both boys are officially out for the summer and just in time the desk for their room arrived! The last few days the LM has been waking up early to make comic books, and both of the boys love having this new space dedicated to drawing. I ended up switching out the chair from my original design plan and I'm so glad I did! The sea of blue fits in perfectly with their room and already I've been thrilled with how easy it is to wipe marker off the plastic molded chair. All the sources are in this post, and the chair is from here

Yesterday the LM went from age 7 to age 17 in the course of a nap, making good use of the new desk space and left this note under the door while Gray and I were catching some zzzz's. 

Fyi!?!?!? Whhhhaattt?

I guess this is how it goes, little kids become big kids and I suppose we are all just along for the ride! 

I wish the best to all of you who are also going through big transitions this time of year. For me change is a hard thing but I keep telling myself it's just part of life (even though I still fight it with every fiber in my body.)

As they say, onwards and upwards!