Summer Hair Care

Considering all that I've done to my hair over the past few years it's somewhat surprising that my hair isn't all that damaged... yet.

I say "yet" because while my tresses seem to be able to handle platinum blonde along with multiple applications of pink (which is actually more conditioning than it is drying) the one thing my hair cannot handle is the sun. Since we are gearing up for another month in a part of the world that I often describe as the actual face of the sun, this does not bode well for silky tresses come Fall. I know I'm blaming the sun, but really it's a surf/pool/ sun combo that leaves my hair feeling like straw each year. Rather than coating it in a greasy hair mask every day after we return, like I've done in years passed, this time around I've decided to be a little more proactive and after consulting my hairdresser and some online resources that I trust I'm packing the following in my suitcase which from here on out will be known as my summer hair survival kit.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner
Made for hair that is in the sun and also in and out of the chlorine and salt, this shampoo promises to hydrate thirsty hair while removing the buildup that comes with living like a modern day mermaid. I used to use the boys' Ultraswim but I think it's about time step up my shampoo game and I'm really looking forward to trying this out. 

Fekkai Soliel Hair Mist 
While most products promise to repair hair that has been damaged by the sun, this one actually tries to prevent the damage in the first place. I'm absolutely going to be bringing this to the beach with me and will be applying it religiously!
Fekkai Apres Soliel Creme
This after sun hair creme is supposed to be amazing for hair that is dried out by the sun. The sunflower oil gives thirsty hair the hydration it needs to recover, without weighing it down. The oil also does double duty for taming the frizz, and since I refuse to blow-dry during the summer months (or ever) you know I'm all over that. 

Rene Futerer Maqsue Reparateur 
My hairdresser recommended this hair mask to me after our last beach trip and I LOVE it! It smells amazing, is hydrating, and is lightweight enough that I use it every time I have a few minutes to spare in the shower or tub. The LM has started using this as well, given that his nickname "Lion" comes from his mane like hair that he gets whenever he goes in the ocean and it has done wonders taming the beast! This product is definitely pricy but I can attest that a little definitely goes a long way!
Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion
I've mentioned this product before, and likely will again. For those of you looking for beach hair that is also soft and manageable, you can look no further because this is how you get it. A little salt, a little oil, a lot of shine, all in one bottle. Done and done. 

Of course these is one tried and true way to save your hair (and face!!!) from those damaging rays, and we all know a hat is it. I have a love hate relationship with the panama hat (love wearing it, hate packing it) but this image inspired me to give it another go! I picked up this beauty during a recent sale at Madewell and I'm going to make sure to wear it everywhere this summer!

Now if the sun would just come out we would be in business!

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(Image via It's Now Cool)