Style Crush: Amber Interiors

Once again my husband is talking about moving to California and as I've mentioned here before this is pretty much a cycle in our marriage. Every 3-4 years the topic comes up, we argue, we look at houses, we argue some more, we stay in Boston. I'm not saying we will never switch coasts but right now three out of the four of us are incredibly happy where we are, and unless its for work, we're not moving anytime soon. 

That being said, it's always fun to dream and even though part of the fun will be designing our own home (hopefully from the studs up) so I won't be hiring an interior decorator, BUT if I were, I can say with 100% certainty that the designer of my dreams is Amber, of Amber Interiors

Her California cool aesthetic is something that I love with every fiber in my body. The light (usually white walls) with perfectly selected pops of color and greenery is so up my alley and her ability to edit is what I'm most impressed with because this is something that I am always working on in my own design. I think her talent really lies in finding the perfect accessories from rugs to artwork, and don't even get me started on the lust worthy pillows. Wood, blues, leather and gold accessories are featured prominently in her design schemes and really for me there is nothing more beautiful or calming than the melding of these elements. I love how every room in her portfolio easily blends into another, and I think it's a true testament to her ability that I can see a picture on a blog or Pinterest and know with absolute certainty that she is the mastermind behind the space. This is something that I'm trying to balance now that I'm doing design work myself. How do you create a space that your client loves but is also true to my own design sensibilities. I would imagine it's something that gets easier with time, or I'm guessing with someone like her you just hand over the keys and the budget and say have at it! 

I pulled a few of my favorite spaces that she has done. If I could I would absolutely live in every single room featured. Even if it meant moving to California... 

shhhh just don't tell my husband. ;)

Because it's not enough to be an incredible designer, she has an equally incredible blog that is always on the top of my reading list. For those of us who aren't lucky enough to get her to design our own space, she has a shop that has become a go-to of mine for client work. Those fabulous rugs and pillows? Guess what, she sells them! If that isn't the California dream come true, I'm not sure what is... even for this proud New England convert.