My Sisters Wedding: The Bridesmaid Dresses

I have a secret.

The reason that I volunteered to take the reigns in planning my sister's wedding is because I wanted to be the one to pick out the bridesmaid dresses.

Okay, I'm kind of kidding, of course this isn't the only reason I signed up but I'm not kidding about picking out the dresses. In fact, this was something I was very serious about. It's not so much that I cared about what exact dress I'd be wearing, but given that the wedding party consists of myself and my two other sisters, who are 12-15 years younger than me, I knew I wanted the majority say in the decision.

In short, I didn't want to look old.

Also, (and more importantly) the bride and I have very similar taste and the ease of this wedding has been in large part because if I know that if I like something, she is sure to like it... and vice versa. My younger sisters will look great in anything, and luckily for all, everyone loves the dress we picked out. Whew.

When thinking about the dress there were really only two requirements, 1) it had to be long (I'm not a fan of short dresses in weddings), and 2) I wanted it to have a airy feel to go with the overall vibe of the wedding. On our first outing we found the bridal gown right away, and thought we had also nailed the bridesmaid dresses, but after scheduling a "just to make sure" visit to BHLDN we stumbled upon the most perfect dress and just like with the bride's gown, we knew immediately it was "the one."

Behold the Annabelle.

This dress is not only STUNNING but it's also genius. The skirt can be divided and it can be worn in so many different ways! It also comes in about a dozen colors, and it was a tough choice but we went with the peacock blue pictured above. I know, me and navy... clearly I was the one who picked this dress. ;) We are styling it similar to the image below, and I love that the three of us will have a uniform look, but will each be slightly different. The dress itself is reasonable, coming in at $260 and I feel like I can say for the first time in my life that I would actually wear this bridesmaid dress somewhere after the wedding. If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

This adorable gif shows how you can change the whole look of the dress in seconds. Isn't that incredible?

I feel like this dress would also make a beautiful and affordable wedding dress as well which really says so much about how far dresses have come. I'm dying to show you my sister's dress, but of course I can't reveal that until after the big day!!!

I'd love to know what you all did for bridesmaid dresses for your wedding? Any horror stories about what you were forced to wear? For mine, my sisters were so little (13, 11, and 7) so I had a completely different dress shopping experience! I was definitely happy to pick dresses this time around that weren't from the juniors department!

Dress styling photography by JJ Ignotz
Gif is from this site.