7 Popsicle Recipes for Little (and Big) Kids

Are any of you big fans of the Popsicle?

I'm usually more of a baked goods girl myself, and pretty much only bought them for the kids in the past, but after my husband and I got hooked on these store bought ones I'm starting to realize that Popsicles aren't just for the kiddos. I recently began looking at recipes and I was surprised to find that some of the most delicious looking ones required very little effort. I bought these molds last year and was super boring and just filled them with lemon-aide, but this year I'm inspired to step up my Popsicle game and you can bet I'll be trying out the one with the vodka in it first! (In related news how is it possible that the kids have only been out of school a week... surely it's been at least 5? ;))

For those of you looking to make a sweet treat of your own, here are 7 Popsicle recipes for little (and big) kids that I'm dying to try out this summer!


{the boys are going to DIE when I make these... the easiest recipe of the bunch}


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