The Tribal Hotel: I Want To Stay There

You all know that we love Costa Rica. That country has truly become our home away from home, and right now we are again ramping up for our monthly Summer trip. It's beautiful, it's safe, it's easy to get to from the United States, and it is very tourist friendly. It's also very popular right now. Each year we head back to our sacred beach, only to find more and more people laying on the sand. While this is great for the tourist driven economy, it does sometimes make us feel a little disappointed and we are slowly turning into those people who say "remember when?" It's not that I mind a crowd, but more so that it tends to negate the feeling of adventure that we used to feel when pulling off the dusty road into our little secret slice of heaven.

When it comes to traveling with the boys we definitely aren't looking to change destinations anytime soon. The things that make our little town so popular are the same reasons that we feel comfortable bringing our kids there. It's safe and quiet, and after our last injury filled visit I am even more convinced that if something were to go wrong that we would receive incredible care. With two rowdy little boys, something is always sure to go wrong as evidenced by the staples the LM received in his head earlier this week after a fall at school!

My husband and I were discussing this the other night, thinking of places that could be the "next" Costa Rica and I remembered reading about The Tribal Hotel in Nicaragua in one of my monthly magazines. At the time it was the decor that I remembered being impressed by, but when I went on their site and saw that all rooms (even their suites) were under $200 dollars a night, I was really in love. Set outside the town of Grenada the hotel is perfect for a getaway that combines exploring the colonial city, with laying by the pool (my specialty) drinking cocktails (also my specialty). I don't know if this is a place I'd bring the kids yet, but I am definitely jockeying for a long weekend away with my husband here. You know my inner bohemian absolutely loves the decor and after drooling over these images I can absolutely say that I want to stay there!

Who wants to leave tonight? ;).