On My Radar

Right now I'm reading this book and Can't.Put.It.Down! You thought Amy from Gone Girl was maniacal? Just get ready!

I don't know why I am incapable of finding new music to listen to, but as a 90's child my heart lies in that decade and that decade alone. Right now I have this best of compilation from my former idol playing on repeat right now. The cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is worth the download price alone.

Okay, I know my Kurt Cobain obsession sometimes makes me sound a little, well, obsessed but this new HBO documentary Montage of Heck is so good! It comes across as more of an autobiography than biography and really shows what a genius he was without sugarcoating the drug use that led to his untimely death. Fan or not this is a great movie! Oh, and also he and Courtney rock pink hair for most of the film which you know brings me so much happiness!

I purchased this anorak from Everlane at the beginning of the season thinking it would come in handy for the unpredictable New England weather, but little did I know that this would become the most used piece of clothing in my arsenal. It's light, it's stylish, it's waterproof... and a necessity on rainy days like today!

This bathing suit is more art than clothing, and it way too pretty for the beaches that I inhabit BUT if I ever were to find myself in Cannes or San Tropez you can bet this would be all I would pack. I am totally drooling over all the florals shown this season by Zimmerman, but this beauty takes the prize!

I mentioned last week that I rarely blow dry my hair, so this new product by Bumble and Bumble has me intrigued. It promises textured, shiny hair all without the use of a dryer. Set to release in June, I'm planning on packing this in my suitcase for our Summer trip.

Now that I have painted the door to the guest room, I'm considering painting all the trim and interior doors in a bright blue color. When I last painted the room the white I used was slightly lighter than the existing trim which over time has made it look a little yellow. I'm pretty sure I am the only one who notices, but I think this would be a great place to try something bold and this inspiration has me ready to get this project moving.

What's on your radar right now? Please feel free to spill in the comments!