My Sister's Wedding: The Cake

It's hard to believe it but we are now in the final stages of planning my little sister's wedding and I'm thrilled to report that we figured out the linen situation thanks to one of you lovely readers! I will post on what we decided to do once they come in, but let me just say that they are going to be more amazing than I ever dreamed of! We've experienced very few hiccups during this whole process (knock on wood) and the main one involved the wedding cake. Originally we both wanted to a do a macaroon cake for guests, and in addition the groom's cousin offered to do a small cake for the couple to cut in to. While sourcing macaroons we found that 1) they are very expensive, and 2) don't do well in heat and humidity. Considering the wedding is on the water in July, one of the hottest months of the year, we quickly discarded that idea given that I could think of nothing worse at a wedding than presenting an expensive cake of deflated macaroons. 

After scrapping the macaroons we were sort of at a loss for what do do. We considered a cupcake "cake," but in the end decided that it would best to just do a small and simple two tier cake instead of the groom's cake that was originally planned.  My sister had already ordered a beautiful gold topper and we are thinking that we could just get some loose flowers that match the bouquets and crowns similar to the inspiration below. Since I am completely inept when it comes to flowers, my wonderful SIL who is also an incredibly talented floral designer has agreed to help decorate the cake day of and thankfully I no longer have to have nightmares that involve flowers and buttercream!

I tend to always lean towards simplicity and in my dreams her cake will have the same feeling as the ones below. 

The estate that is hosting the wedding also has a fire pit and we figured that since she wasn't blowing the budget on the cake, doing a s'mores bar would be a really fun to end the evening! 

We are working with Julie from Posh + Prep on the signage, who absolutely nailed the invitations, (more on this later) and I know she will create something that is absolutely stunning and personal for what I'm sure is going to be the hit of the night. Side note: We have been blown away by the work that Julie has done for the wedding and for my new business. If you are in need of invites, signage, business cards, branding, you name it... I cannot recommend her services enough!

Even though we didn't end up with the macaroon cake we had planned, I think this is going to be a beautiful and fun alternative. At the end of the day it's the alcohol and the band that people remember the most and I'm so happy that this was one place we were able to save the couple a little money (and a possible wedding disaster!) 

Proof that sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.