Green With Envy

You all know that if there is one common theme in our home it's that I love decorating with navy blue. I don't really do it intentionally, and even when I try to infuse another color like black, I always find myself circling back to the my safe and beautiful navy. It's not that I don't still love blue, which is good considering that our home is covered in it, but I have to say sometimes when I dream of our next home I wonder if I could actually decorate in a different color pallet and still love it just as much.

What color you ask?

Ever since my girlfriend purchased an incredible emerald green velvet sofa for her glam apartment makeover I have been green with envy for how the final room is going to look when coupled with white, gray, and brass accessories. Sure a navy velvet sofa is beautiful, and I plan on being buried with mine, but there is something so unexpected and cool about that pop of green, and in our next home I just know I want to incorporate some green into my space.

The thing I love about decorating with green (whether it be emerald or kelly) is that it can really go with any style. I think a green velvet sofa would look just as stunning in a preppy beach house as it would in a glamorous townhouse, and really for every type of style in between. Currently I am thinking I would love to do kelly green cabinets if we ever build a home in Costa Rica, and I'm starting to think that we are going to see this color trending in the coming years as people begin to tire of blue.

Light or dark, a little or a lot, green is such a statement color to use in a home, and I have to wonder if I may be entering my "green" phase after drooling over these inspiration photos below.

Get the look

For those of you looking to infuse a little green into your own space, here are a few pieces to get you started. I've had my eye on that settee for a while and I'm thinking I may be able to incorporate that into the new dining room makeover I'm plotting for the Fall. 

1// Art  2// Lighting  3// Paint  4// Tray  5// Dresser 6// Sofa  7// Settee  8// Drawer Pulls
Kermit always said, "it's not easy being green," but when it comes to interiors using a little green in your space can be an easy way to create a big impact. Count me in!!!