Do You Wear Lingerie?

Do you wear lingerie on a regular basis? I have to admit that I've never really been a fan. In fact, I was even thrown a lingerie themed shower the day before my wedding and everyone knew me so well that I only received pajamas! 

I used to think lingerie was too much effort, but after last weekend I may be changing my tune. 

As I mentioned last weekend I threw my sister a little bachelorette soiree in New York and even though their presence was more than enough, everyone brought her thoughtful gifts to celebrate the event. One of those was from my sister-in-law and it was the sweetest little black romper from the company Eberjey. It was sexy enough to be worn as lingerie but discrete enough to be worn around the house at night. I don't know about you all, but my pajama situation consists of the sweatpants and T-shirts that I put on the minute I walk in the door and take off the next day when I am absolutely forced to.  When we have guests spending the night or when I'm traveling I have my favorite sleepshirt, but I haven't really thought about lingerie in quite some time. 

After seeing her new romper I have to say I really want one for myself. I often will shower at night and I love the idea of putting on something pretty before bed instead of the standard. I looked though the site and found a few of my favorites that are sexy enough to be considered lingerie, but also double as pajamas. 

I'd love to know, are any of you big lingerie wearers? In my mind I've relegated it to mistresses and newlyweds but after seeing what's out there (sans garter belt) I really want a few pieces of my own!