Best Marble Accessories: A Roundup

The biggest compliment that I can receive in regards to our home is that it feels "homey." I absolutely love it when friends are over and feel comfortable enough to plop down on the sofa and kick their shoes off, or when someone comments on how "lived in" our space feels. Since this is the place that the boys will likely remember as their childhood home it is really important to me that the space they grow up in feels warm and inviting.  

I feel like there are only two ways to get this look, the first being actually living in a space forever and organically collecting and acquiring things. The second, which is what most of us do, is to fake it.

In my eyes a well designed space typically has pieces from various retailers and if you are lucky from various decades, like well used pieces from friends or family members (or etsy if I'm keeping it real.) I always tell friends and now clients (!!!) that the key to keeping a home from looking dated is to pull from all the various styles out there. For instance if you take a velvet sofa with a more traditional element like tufting, and place it on top of a rug with a moroccan feel, and throw in a few leather pieces that come in a throwback shape like a butterfly chair, or well worn ottoman and add in something with a modern flair like a light fixture or side table, you should end up with a space that is beautiful and is also warm and inviting. Well, at least that's what I did in my house . ;) You get the idea... if you don't want to you space to look like it came from a Potterybarn catalog, than you have to make sure that it did not in fact completely come from a Potterybarn catalog. 

This is why I'm such a big of marble accessories. So many big box stores are making them now, and unlike real carrera marble which is $$$$, these accessories can easily bring a more modern feel to a room without actually changing much of the space (or breaking the budget.) In my own kitchen which would be considered fairly bohemian, I used marble accessories like a cutting board, and rolling pin to make the space a little more visually interesting and the best part is these are things I actually use. Novel idea I know! Those pieces mixed with some modern hardware are all it took to keep the space feeling like a 70's leftover, and instead closer to something that is more of the moment. I purposely chose the moroccan inspired tile because no matter the decade something like that never really ages a space. Even my best friend who used to be the more "traditional" type when it came to decor and is now fully embracing a few modern elements in her space and doing so in a big way which has made her home even more beautiful than she imagined. (P.S. so much more on this to come.) 

Whatever your design style, you can go wrong with a marble accessory, and I've rounded up some of my favorites below. I'm dying to add that tulip table in our own space, and hoping to start working on my own little project centered around this design in the Fall. Stay tuned!

1// Saarinen Tulip Table (and a budget friendly replica)   2// Marble topped coffee table  3// Marble rolling pin  4// Marble shelves  5// Marble cutting board  6// Marble bath accessories  7// Marble lamp  8// Marble sconce