4 Short Hair Style Tips

A few years back I cut my too long hair into a bob, or lob, or fob (whatever it's called these days) and ever since that first snip I haven't felt the urge to go back. Sure, there are still times I yearn for long, mermaid like hair, but the reality is that a shorter cut suits my fine hair so much better and a mid-length cut is just so easy to style for everyday wear that I can't really think of a reason to ever grow out my hair again.

Now, that's not to say I don't get a little bored with my cut and right now I'm again paying the price for forgetting that I am not a layer person. However, generally I've found that there are enough ways to style my shorter length and I'm often getting asked if I just got a hair cut when in fact I usually go 6 months without one because I love the way each cut grows out. When I had longer hair I would typically just wear it in a pony tail or top knot, but since I've had a shorter length I've found that I've needed to be a little more creative with my styling. This is the downside to a shorter cut, but the upside is that I've pretty much disowned my blowdryer and the curling iron really only makes an appearance on very special days.

Below are the 4 easy ways that I've found are best for styling mid-length hair and the hair products that I just can't live without... no blowdrying necessary.

Deep Side Part

This is probably the number one way I wear my hair, mostly because it makes me feel instantly stylish, but more so because this style works best when you hair is a little (ahem) dirty. Since we are usually rushing out of the house every morning, dirty hair is something that I am well versed in. I will typically shower at night, part my hair in the middle, apply a salt spay product, and then in the morning flip it to whichever side has the most volume. I also appreciate that the deep side part will guarantee what my hair never looks like I have the dreaded "mom bob" which is something I spent most of 2000 rocking.  (shudders)

The Center Part

Oh the center part, something I love but something that I always fear makes my not-so-small nose look even more no-so-small. Sometimes I think I can pull it off as evidenced here, but others... well there are no pictures of the others. For me the key to a mid-length center part is really having volume in the hair. I live for a good texture or salt spray (my favorites are below) and with some scrunching and air drying this is my preferred look. If I'm doing a center part I try very hard not to let my hair get too straight, otherwise I end up switching to the deep center to avoid looking a little too much like Ali MacGraw (long live the 60's!) If you have small facial features you can pull off this look. Me? Not so much. 

Curl It

As I mentioned, I really only save my curling iron for special occasions but when I do I love the way my lob perks up. It always looks like a completely different cut! When I had a longer length my hair would fall flat minutes after curling, but now that my hair is shorter not only does it curl in seconds, but the curls actually stay! The key is a wide barreled curling iron, and gently softening the waves with your fingers after the curl has set. My hairdresser told me that if you hold the curl in your hand until it cools completely you will have a perfect curl every time. It really works!

Half up, Half down

The thing I miss most about my long hair is the top knot. This was my go to during my second pregnancy and I love how the look made my face a little tighter (almost like a mini face lift!) Lately, I've been experimenting with a half top knot, and while it's not the same it certainly is close enough. The key again is to scrunch the loose hair and add a little volume or curl to keep the look from being to stiff. 

When my hair was longer I didn't ever find a need for product, but now that it's shorter I've definitely become more of a junky. I typically wash and let my hair dry naturally and apply a few products. Lately, I've been spritzing my wet hair with this surf spray, which is slightly different that the famed spray because it has some oil in it. I love how it gives my hair a beachy look, but also keeps it feeling smooth and soft. 

Once my hair is dry I will spray on this texturizing spray which is MAGIC. You want hair that has volume, a little curl, and a lot of hold? This is the way to get it. This works just as well on long hair as it does short and is always an editor favorite. 
My hairdresser turned me on to this affordable curling iron and it really is the BEST! You can control the temperature (never use the max temp or your hair will break) and the shape makes it easy to hold the hair without relying on the clamp which can kink hair.

 It seems like everyone is embracing the chop these days! I have to wonder if soon long hair is going to be all the rage again. I know enough to never say never, but I'm pretty sure I'll be the lone holdout of that ever does happen!