The Capsule Wardrobe

{pure minimal closet envy}

When it comes to your wardrobe, is less really more? The older I get, the more I believe this to be the absolute truth.

Last weekend, I took on my annual closet purge. At the end I was left with one large bag of clothing for my sister, one to consign,* one to donate and I have to admit I'm still tempted to do even more. Lately, I find myself wearing the same thing (or a new version of the same thing) day after day, and  if it isn't black, white, or gray it seems like I'm not really interested. (In truth if it isn't black I'm not really interested but if the weather EVER gets a little warmer maybe I'll change my tune...)

This is why I absolutely love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. 

If you aren't familiar with the idea of a capsule wardrobe this post perfectly details the process and rationale behind why getting rid of everything actually gives you more options on a daily basis and this woman is truly walking the walk posting a daily blog about how she gets by with a 37 piece wardrobe (start here for how to build the perfect capsule collection.) I have to say I totally get it.

There is actually a science behind why successful people wear the same thing every day and I am not at all surprised by this after living with my husband who takes the idea of a capsule wardrobe to a whole other level in that his entire wardrobe consists of 4 identical dress shirts, 4 ties, 2 suits, 3 pairs of scrubs, 2 paris of pants, a handful of T-shirts, 2 casual shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 sweaters, and 2 sweatshirts. He's always said he just doesn't have time to worry about what he's wearing and it's true, he doesn't. (Besides this just leaves all the closet space for me!) Seriously, taking a cue from the boys is what this art director did creating a feminine version of the suit and I have to say I think it's totally genius.

While I haven't exactly paired down to 37 pieces or one daily outfit, I have really, really limited my wardrobe. I still have a few options for every part of my life, but that's mostly because I just can bear to part with some of my more beautiful pieces and given their timeless nature I know I'll kick myself if I get rid of them now. Also, there is always next year ;).

Taken today, this is the current state of my closet.

I know it's not quite like the images above, but definitely getting closer.

Only having one or two options for each event, and a "uniform" for my daily life really makes things so much simpler. I feel confident in what I'm wearing because I know it's something I truly love and invested in, and making the decision of what to wear in the morning takes no more than 5 seconds. I have forgotten what it's like to stand in from of my closet debating what to wear, and getting that time back in the morning has really made the day go so much smoother. By having less, I've also found that I just buy so much less. A few years back I challenged myself to not shop for an entire year, and while I didn't make it the whole year, I did go an entire six months without purchasing a single item of clothing, and even then I only picked up a few more pieces for the rest of the year. It really was incredibly liberating just to say no to everything, no matter how much I wanted or "needed" it. Right now I'm doing the same thing with home decor, and I think I could probably go another two years before breaking my streak! (shhhhh please don't tell my husband that!)

While I'm not sure I'll ever get my closet looking like the ones pictured above, in every area of my life these days I am so inspired to live in a more simple and uncomplicated way. Purging feels so good, and after doing it in one area I'm always motivated to do it the other areas of my life. The boys' closet and drawers followed mine. Then came the pantry and fridge/ freezer. Next up was my inbox. I'm hoping to tackle the hall closet this week, which as of late has become our sports storage. You get the idea, a less cluttered life leads to a less cluttered mind, and I can't think of a better gift to give yourself. Also, making choices in the morning before coffee is dangerous in and of itself so really why take the risk! ;)

P.S. If you'd like to see what I consider my wardrobe essentials you can see eight of them here. (I'm going to be bringing this series back soon, I promise!)

* Like all of you I am absolutely devastated for the events in Nepal (my dream destination) and will be donating the proceeds to this non-profit. We watched an episode of Vice over the weekend which discussed the misappropriation of the relief funds for Haiti and I was horrified. Time magazine posted a list of the best organizations to support to get aid directly to the Nepalese people.