Surf Inspired Home Decor


As a former California girl who sometimes feels a little landlocked living in the city, one of my favorite things to incorporate into my home decor is a few surf inspired pieces.  By using art that brings in the colors of the ocean you can easily create a beautiful and serene space and when you add in the surfer component you get an instant "cool" effect. No matter what your design style is, this look easily translates from modern to traditional, and is best when done on a large scale. 
If you think ocean and surf art is only for a beach house, here is proof that even in the most concrete of jungles this look can still translate perfectly into everyday decor. I love using this type of art in dining, living and bedrooms, and without question in the entry like the first photograph below.

Below you can see that inadvertently I used some surf inspired decor in every room in our house! I swear this wasn't intentional, but each piece gives the room so much personality it was really a case of once I got started I couldn't really stop.

The first three pieces shown were bought from the same artist, Myles McGuinness, and what drew me to him was that he was printing on all sort of different mediums... canvas, wood, and metal. We initially purchased one in each form, but the one over the stairwell was later switched to canvas after we found that the metal would bend too easily when touched. This was before printing on acrylic was really a thing, but I can say I absolutely would have done that turquoise piece on acrylic because it would make the bright colors pop even more. 

I love how much drama each piece brings to the space, and considering their size they were surprisingly affordable. These were some of the first things that we purchased for our home, and unlike some other pieces, I've never even considered moving or replacing them over the last 5 years. 

If you are looking to create a little cool drama in your space, definitely consider some surf inspired photography. On a day like today where it is expected to snow (!!!!) I can't even begin to tell you how nice it is to look around and pretend I'm sitting on the beach.