Rainy Day Chic

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With all the chatter about finally digging out from under the mountain of snow we have been living in the past few months, I completely forgot what spring was actually like it Boston. In truth, it's pretty much like winter is for the rest of the country. One day it's freezing, the next day mild, and rain seems to be the only constant.

Saturday morning we awoke to one of the craziest thunderstorms I've even heard around here, and I quickly remembered what the next few weeks/months will really feel like; wet. Now wet I can handle, it more the freezing wet, and then scalding wet that really makes the next few months unbearable as any East Coaster can attest. Too often I will leave the house when it's 30 degrees out, only to return a few hours later when it's in the mid 50's. In the past I would wear my trusty trench and Hunter wellies, but the problem with that is you end up lugging your coat around all day and anyone who has worn a pair of giant rubber boots in the sun when it is no longer raining knows just how much fun that can be. 

This year I looked for a coat that was large enough to be layered underneath, but also small enough that I could roll it up in my tote if need be. Everlane released the PERFECT budget friendly piece, and since we have been back from our trip I've worn it every day. It's great for layering under and the length is perfect for all those long cardigans. Over the past few years I've also fallen deeply in love with Loeffler Randall's rain boots. They are just as good as my Hunter's and given their smaller size they are so much more comfortable to wear all day and are perfect for traveling, easily fitting in a suitcase. The motorcycle detail on the pair pictured below is SO SO good, and to this day they are my favorite pair of rain boots. I've pulled together a few of my other rainy day essentials, and of course had to include The Jenna! There is nothing worse than being stuck in a passing rain shower with a leather bag in tow, and a stylish tote makes for the perfect alternative during these next few months. 

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