Our 8 Favorite One Pot Meals

Since we've been back from Spring Break I've been more motivated than usual to break out the old cookbooks err pinboards and try out some new recipes. As much as I love traveling, I have to say that while we are away I am constantly dreaming of my first trip back to Whole Foods to stock up on what I consider our "basics." I don't know about you all, but we eat so many of the same types of food each week that any deviation from the norm usually leaves me feeling a little "yuck". Getting our hands on kale where we stay in Costa Rica is something like a navy seal mission, with quite a bit of planning, timing, luck, and lots of walking involved.  Truthfully, it just reminds me to be grateful that every day back home that I am able to walk into a grocery and stock up on healthy food with very little effort. 

In short, we've been eating pretty well the last few weeks. I also feel like life has been a little crazy since we've been back. Between school commitments, sports, work and obligations the four of us have been running a little ragged. This basically means that I've been making a lot more plan ahead and one pot meals. I tend to have an hour of downtime in the middle of the afternoon while Gray naps or has quiet time and I've been using this time to get dinner ready so all we have to do it's heat it later in the evening. When I pick up the LM and I know that dinner is taken care of AND that I won't have a kitchen full of dishes when we are done makes me feel a little like I'm Beyonce for a moment. Then my kids start fighting and I realize very quickly that I'm not. ;)**

To this end, I've been looking for recipes that can be considered a full meal when paired with a simple green salad. I consider a "meal" a carb, a protein*, and a veg or two. We only eat fish/ seafood/ vegetables but most of these recipes can be supplemented with chicken or beef for you carnivores. These eight dishes are the ones that I keep coming back to and I would imagine there are more than a few of you in the same boat right now when it comes to planning dinner. I know I've posted that French lentil recipe before, but you guys... it is soooooooo good, if you haven't tried it you most definitely should!. 

For those of you looking for some upscale casseroles, look no further. Here are my 8 favorite one pot meals.

Kale and Wild Rice Casserole
French Lentil and Vegetable Salad
(I substitute with shrimp, just throw in broth for three minutes to cook until pink)
Linguine With Pea Pesto
Summer Squash Gratin
Chipoltle Black Bean and Rice Skillet 
Seafood Paella 
*Pasta has a surprising amount of protein in each serving
** I'm pretty sure Blue Ivy never cries

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