Newest Style Crush: Anine Bing


A few weeks ago I was looking for some inspiration on Instagram when I discovered my newest style crush Anine Bing. I'm not going to lie, at first it was her incredibly chic bob that drew me to her, but after a few minutes on her site my crush grew into something real. What can I say, this lady has some incredible style? I've mentioned here before that more and more I'm finding myself gravitating towards black, white and grey in my daily uniform, and no one seems to capture the essence of simple dressing better than Ms. Bing. She has absolutely obtained the LA "cool girl" look, which considering that she used to be a Danish model is fairly impressive.

Now, here is the dangerous part. 

Not only is she a gorgeous mother of two, with a killer website, but she is also is a fashion designer with an incredible brick and mortar store, which (luckily or unluckily) is also available online. Let me say up front, these are some pricy pieces, but when preaching about timeless dressing and buying basics that will last a decade, there are very few brands that I've found that encapsulate that idea better than she does. From outerwear to footwear. Lingerie to jewelry and sunglasses, she has completely nailed it on every single front. I found myself drooling over every item, and while I won't be buying much anytime soon, I am keeping this in mind for when I need a new piece that I want to last a lifetime. See also, keeping this in mind so I don't buy anything else but one of these fabulous pieces ever ;).

Here are a few of my favorites from her shop. I really could have put everything down here, but I tried to edit just a touch! Shopbop also carries her goods, so keep your eyes out when they have one of their semi annual sales!

{These shoes above are my absolute favorite piece on the site and are topping my birthday list!}

I'm so happy to have discovered this line! I'd love to know, is there anyone that you have newly discovered who you are crushing on? Any new lines you are loving? Please feel free to share in the comments!