I have big news to report from the Anderson family!

Our little man, and constant solo adventurer has decided to join a team sport and all of a sudden we have a new family pastime... lacrosse! Up until now the LM only wanted to skate, swim, surf and ski. All fun things for sure, but I have to say I was looking forward to the day when I could join the other parents on the sidelines while cheering him on for a big game. Each year I brought up soccer and baseball, only to be dismissed, so when a friend invited us to join them in lacrosse I was thrilled when the LM said yes!

Ever since he made the decision (and more so when he got the gear) my boy has been obsessed with practicing and even though he still has his cast on, he was finally able to join his team for their first practice last night. We made it a true family affair, and after some pizza with friends we strapped on his pads and really got to see what the game is really about.

Gray was slightly less impressed, asking "when can we go home" every two minutes, followed by "I want to go to every practice" so at this point it's unclear what his future as a spectator looks like. ;)

The boys have their first game in less than two weeks! I'm not quite sure what that's going to look like but we've been told our guy will have two working arms by then. Certainly two has to be better than one!

Wish these guys some luck!