Jumpsuits For The Win!

Last weekend my sister accompanied me to an event for Gray's school, and by chance we both wore our trusty jumpsuits. This should come as no surprise to me considering that ever since I picked mine  up last year I have pretty much worn it anywhere and everywhere. It is without a doubt my absolute favorite piece of clothing that I have ever owned.

I have to say up front that I absolutely LOVE jumpsuits. If I could start fresh in my closet, I would  fill it with these one piece wonders. They are so comfortable, flattering, stylish, and owning one makes getting dressed a breeze. No mixing and matching, no questioning "does this go with this?" It's one stop dressing, and that makes me very happy. I currently own, and live in, three different jumpsuits. One for the beach, one for days and weekends, and one for evening. Do I mind that people see me in the same thing all the time? Not one bit. When you know what works (and looks good) there is no reason to change it!

Now, I know a lot of people say that jumpsuits only look good if you are a size zero but I absolutely disagree. Because of the drapey material, the flexible (and typically elastic) waist and ankle skimming bottoms, I would argue that jumpsuits actually look better when you have some curve to your frame. The key of course is finding the right jumpsuit. I can't tell you how many I tried on before finding my perfect jumpsuit, but it's just like searching for the right wedding dress. When you find the perfect fit you just KNOW it.

Below I styled my three favorite jumpsuits, and linked to many more in the "shop this post." If you haven't jumped on this trend (pun intend ;)) the next time you come across one, definitely give it a try! Once you go one piece, it's hard to go back!
1/2/3/4 (I also love these flats for under $40!!!)

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