It Was Bound To Happen

Our last day in Costa Rica the LM wanted just one more session at the local skate park, and of course I was more than happy to oblige.  He met up with some of the local kids and was having the time of his life.


He fell, and he fell hard. The kid never cries and rarely gets hurt,so when he immediately came running over to me in tears screaming "I broke my arm!!!" I knew this wasn't a minor injury. Within seconds his elbow and forearm both became incredibly swollen, and soon thereafter a local EMT came to check him out. It was clear that it wasn't a huge break, if it was a break at all, and we decided that since we were leaving the next day we could wait until we got back to the states to have it properly examined. After the nightmare we went through with Gray earlier in the trip, none of us were looking to repeat another hospital run and the goal became to get home as quickly as we could. Our flight back was less than ideal due to a system malfunction with Jet Blue, and only because the broken arm were we able to get home at all. Well, that is if you call getting home at 2:30am the next day a success. The minute we woke up the next morning I took the LM to the hospital and it was confirmed that he broke a small bone in his elbow. We were told that most kids need surgery to have pins put in when they have a broken elbow, but again we were incredibly lucky and they think a cast for a few weeks should do the trick. At first the LM thought it was "so awesome" but now the gravity (and the weight) of it has set in and he's already asking when it can come off. As devastating as this is for him, all I can say is with every extreme thing he does this was bound to happen at some point.

The doctor who treated our little guy at MGH was INCREDIBLE and he gave us a children's book which he authored and it is amazing! The LM took it to school to show his friends and all the boys loved hearing about what happens when you break a bone. For those of you with adventurous little ones, I highly recommend adding this one to your reading library. As we've learned, you never know when it will happen, but there is no doubt over a childhood that something is bound to break!

True to form, this hasn't really slowed the LM down at all. Sure ski season ended a little earlier than we thought it would, but I'm pretty sure he will be back to normal before lacrosse starts. It's going to take a lot more than a chipped elbow to keep this guy down!