Happy Easter (Bunny)

Do most of you celebrate Easter? We don't really recognize the day beyond the egg hiding, egg dying, and candy eating part, but I must admit it's always one of my favorite holidays of the year because it means that Spring is on its way. I always forget to get something for the boys, and today I did my annual mad dash to CVS and the bookstore to stock up on some goodies, lest Sunday morning arrive and the Easter Bunny skipped our house. Even though we don't really decorate, there is one tradition I've kept going for about 20 years, since my sister was little, which is putting these bunny footprints around the house to signal that the man with the big ears was here. We always forget to put them out, until late Saturday night and then we have to frantically place them all around the house. I'm pretty sure this weekend will be no different since we are finally starting this show!

For those of you who celebrate the day, or have kiddos I've rounded up a few fun Easter themed links from around the web. xx

How beautiful are these DIY marbled easter eggs? As someone who is excited when I can get two different shades on each side of the egg, color me impressed!

I'm absolutely make this bunny shaped ice cream cone for the boys Sunday night. I'll probably just stick some cut marshmallows on the top of some pink ice cream, but for those of you who are super crafty, here is the tutorial for the sweetness above.

Tomorrow I'm upping the pink factor in my hair, and I'm using this as my inspiration. Pastel pink, just in time for Easter!

I love this idea for an Easter themed school snack! You could always substitute baby carrots, or cheese crackers for a healthier alternative. 

This Robin's egg themed cake is way beyond my skill set, but I just think it is so beautiful. For you bakers out there is actually a tutorial if you are up for the challenge!

These pom pom chicks are adorable! I'm filing this away for next year!

Lastly, did you all know that the best way to make hard boiled eggs is actually to bake them? Seriously! I tried it a few years back and not only does it make the egg taste better but it also makes you house and freezer smell free.