Bohemian Inspired Home Decor


A few days back my sister-in-law mentioned the newly released design book The New Bohemians and from the second I saw what was inside I have been obsessed! My copy just arrived and I cannot wait to spend every free second this weekend pouring over the pages. I absolutely am in love with bohemian inspired design, and if I wasn't such a clutter phobe in my every day life I would definitely carry this look throughout every room in our house! We always talk about building a home in Costa Rica, and you can bet if/ when that happens I'm going for a design scheme that encapsulates this style to the letter. Need proof, just check out my Pinterest board, it's pretty much bohemian heaven!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the book. If I could instantly beam myself into any of these homes I absolutely would! It's funny, in Winter I find myself craving a more minimalist home but come Spring all bets are off!

Even though I haven't gone fully bohemian in our own house, I have definitely tried to incorporate some elements of this style in most of the rooms. Not pictured are dozens of plants that adorn the window sills and floors along with a few stacks of books, both of which are the key to successfully channeling this laid back vibe.

The best part of the bohemian design style is that it's easy and affordable to copy in your own home. Mix matched furniture, old books, cool rugs (bonus points for layering,) plants, hand me downs from family members, along with some vintage quilts and textiles are all you need to create your own boho inspired space. I've linked to a few of my favorite bohemian products that are available online, and antique stores, etsy, and flea markets are other great places for finding bohemian style pieces. (hint type suzani into etsy and you will be golden)

clockwise from top left

I can't say enough about how much I love this book! It's definitely going to be a classic and one you will want in your collection! 

Peace and Love friends! 

P.S. We were in desperate need of some new pillowcases in our master after donating one for the LM's upcoming play, and I couldn't help myself from ordering those boob pillowcases. I'm pretty sure I will get a "wtf?" look from my husband, but for those of you who are looking for a little whimsy in your space, I tracked them down here